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We at Al- Ameen have a vision of our children being honest. Passionate human beings instilled with strong character and being ready to think with the acquired knowledge and values we preach. Our success lies in enabling our children to face the world and make their signature in their walks of the life. Our happiness lies in seeing them execute what we have taught them and living by upholding the values and never compromising them in the journey to achieve their dreams.
The formative years in a child’s life plays a pivotal role. A child’s mind is very impressionable. So during the span of school life whatever he gets from the portals of learning, from the surroundings and the values remains ingrained in his mind for entire lifetime. Therefore at Al-Ameen we believe that children are like clay and it is our duty to mould them in the right manner. It is our belief that our children will be the future helmsmen of our country because here it is a blend of utilitarian and aesthetic education that is provided to them. We try to uphold the values of building a character, not through mere academic actions but in various acts of kindness, togetherness and moral commitments. The teachers at Al-Ameen firmly believe in being facilitators and provide exciting learning opportunities to their young learners through real classroom situations and practical knowledge. We believe in enabling the child to think rather than accepting anything they see around. The teachers employ innovative techniques of teaching, helping the child to spread their wings of creative imaginations. We also believe in fostering the strength of character through moral, religious and spiritual education and building a sense of togetherness, brotherhood and upholding and accepting the unity in diversity.


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