The need for Noor – E – Ilahi


 India is a land with conglomerate culture and diverse religions. In spite of such large varsity, the land is unique because we celebrate this diversity and maintain unity.

 In today’s fast paced life human beings have become very mechanical and are getting entwined in the cesspool of materialistic pleasures and losing the essence of morality and virtues. In such a situation the responsibility of building up integrated personality is vested upon the shoulders of secular institutions i.e. the schools.

 Al-Ameen Public School, Edappally has always been a pioneer in enabling the student community to lay a firm foundation for their future milestones; character development occupying the pivotal position in this. At Al-Ameen, we realize the importance of character building which is why religious instructions through moral lessons are given prime importance.

 We also want the upcoming generation to have faith in all religions besides understanding that Islam is not merely a religion; it is a complete way of life touching every human aspect. Here, more emphasis is laid on “Practice rather than Preach”. Adopting this basic principle we have envisaged the idea of Noor-E-Ilahi Quiz Contest which started in the year 2005, with an aim to provide an inquiring mind set to modern generation, which in turn would allow them to probe deep into activity oriented religious approach.

 It is Al-Ameen’s vision to make this contest a trailblazer for the future generation.

Aims & Objectives of Noor – E – Ilahi Inter School Islamic Quiz Contest & Literary Competitions

  • It is a novel competition, which aims to enhance the knowledge of Islam in the right perspective. It makes them realize about the expansive and the all pervading nature of Islam.
  •  It creates a spirit among the students to honor the code of conduct of all religious faiths. It also enables to unleash the true spirit of Islam and wipe away the misconceptions.
  •  It develops a positive attitude among the students and gives them the required confidence to face the diverse challenges of the society.
  • The competitions are designed in such a manner that it sharpens the religious acumen, based on the true knowledge of Islam, visualized in the right perspective.
  • It also gives a common platform to the children coming from various parts of the state to express their views and share their knowledge.

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