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On a stringent scrutiny on the results of the entrance tests administered on the notified dates, admissions are conducted in the month of April, for which the parents will have to obtain the prospectus along with the application form. Submission of birth certificate at the time of admission is held mandatory. Transfer Certificate will be compulsorily collected for admission to Class II onward. Admissions to kindergarten will commence during the month of December of the previous year.

The students of Al-Ameen will undergo training with syllabus prescribed by CBSE. With Hindi as the second language they can opt for Malayalam/Arabic/French as their third. Duly filled application form should be submitted along with registration fee. Thereafter, the Principal will notify the parents about the date of interview/test.

Admission Norms
Before seeking admission to Lower KG and STD I, a child must have necessarily completed three years and five years of age respectively. An official birth certificate must be produced as proof of date of birth when joining. If migrating from another institution, a Transfer Certificate from the institution concerned, duly countersigned by the education authority of the place should also be presented.

Students foregoing admission not withstanding duly prior intimation could in future forfeit any claim for refund of registration fee, special fee, conveyance charges etc.

Admissions and withdrawals
1. Students migrating from other schools are requested to bring their Transfer Certificate from the school last attended.
2. On admission, the entrance fee, special fee and tuition fee for the term should be paid, which is not refundable under any circumstances.
3. On leaving, Transfer Certificate should be issued only to those who have paid the fees and cleared other dues.

Freedom Quest

COMFY- Communal Amity through Familial Harmony. Every student of Al-Ameen visits the families of his/her friends with their parents during

Our nation is a rich land which has embraced all religions and cults with magnanimity. The people of this land are inherently spiritual by nature..

An inter-school quiz and literacy competition will be held at the Al-Ameen Public School on behalf of the freedom quest

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