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Our workshops are brief, immersive design education experiences, offering a wide range of opportunities for the students. The workshops we offer are suitable for our school and are easily adapted to suit the children’s abilities. Our workshops meet many requirements of the National Curriculum and we are able to provide workshops across different parts of India.

We specialise in multi-cultural school workshops. They can be used to compliment your arts weeks, black history month, book week, cultural topics.

Topics which are enhanced: Anti-bullying, Indian festivals like Diwali and Holi, Chinese New Year, First World War Centenary plus many more.

The school has well equipped laboratories For physics, chemistry and biology. Students are encouraged to use these laboratories to learn through experiments. Every year latest instruments, specimens, charts etc. are purchased for these laboratories.


Freedom Quest

COMFY- Communal Amity through Familial Harmony. Every student of Al-Ameen visits the families of his/her friends with their parents during

Our nation is a rich land which has embraced all religions and cults with magnanimity. The people of this land are inherently spiritual by nature..

An inter-school quiz and literacy competition will be held at the Al-Ameen Public School on behalf of the freedom quest

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