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Al-Ameen Public School can proudly claim to be one of the most progressive and esteemed institutions of Kerala.
It was established in the year 1979 by the AI-Ameen Educational Trust registered under the Indian Trust Act. It is a burgeoning institution which endeavour to provide quality education to children in a religious atmosphere. As the name suggests, it teaches children to have trust in the concept of unity in diversity. The Trust, which was established in 1978, aims at promoting equality based on class, sect and communal harmony. Therefore it can be asserted with full conviction that at Al-Ameen Public School importance is given to the development of wholesome personality of a child which enables them to become confident individuals of the society and nation.

Why Al-Ameen Public  School ?

  • Al-Ameen stipulate teachers from across the country.
  • Al-Ameen's classrooms are organised with a maximum of 30 students.
  • Al-Ameen ideal student teacher ratio.
  • Al-Ameen provides world class facilities  for  art, audio, visual & computer labs.
  • Al-Ameen provides language lab assistance.
  • Al-Ameen provides a pollution free and serene learning ambience.
Freedom Quest

COMFY- Communal Amity through Familial Harmony. Every student of Al-Ameen visits the families of his/her friends with their parents during

Our nation is a rich land which has embraced all religions and cults with magnanimity. The people of this land are inherently spiritual by nature..

An inter-school quiz and literacy competition will be held at the Al-Ameen Public School on behalf of the freedom quest

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